Does Pinion have what it takes to make Prescot proud?

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The Rebel Chef is coming to channel 4, documenting Gary Usher opening Pinion Bistro in Prescot, Liverpool.

We have been working along side Gary Usher and the Elite team for over 8 years, working on creative, photography and videography – directing and producing all three of their successful crowdfunding campaigns.  We have been working with the Elite team that long, we feel like an extension of their team, like working with our mates.

Over a year ago Gary asked us if we would follow him and the team round and film a documentary about the crowdfunding project and opening of Pinion in Prescot.  Pinion opened in September 2018, in the former site of a BetFred betting shop.  Gary’s mission was to help bring the small town to life and bring more footfall to the area.








Viewers will witness his quest to open a new restaurant in one of Merseyside’s most neglected towns and bring bistro food to the people of Prescot, purely because his gut says everyone loves good food and he’s adamant he can build a thriving business. Sticking two fingers up at the banks, the restaurant chains and big businesses that ignore Britain’s small towns.









Gary is famous for his social following and his honest and open tweets about the industry.   This has resulted in every Crowdfunding campaign he has rolled with to be a success.

The Pinion Kickstarter campaign came after the success of the Wreckfish crowdfunding campaign, they smashed their target to raise £200K in 28 days hitting £204,760.  This was the biggest crowdfunding target ever hit for a restaurant.

Pinion launched a campaign to raise £50k in 24 hours, they smashed this target and hit £50k in just 60 minutes, by the morning the goal was smashed with 1024 backers and £76,000.  The project broke Kickstarter records, becoming the fastest funded project in the world.

















The hour long documentary about Pinion has officially been commissioned by Channel 4, after a long road.  Natural Selection Design directed and filmed the entire documentary.  We edited the 10 minute teaser for the documentary; resulting in the full documentary to be commissioned.

This is mega for us. We are a still a relatively small team of creatives (six in total), with a HUGE portfolio of cool projects we have worked on.  Our team each have a different skill set, making NSD a dynamic agency to work with, offering; photography, videography, design, branding.  We are the leading agency for Crowdfunding projects; our success rate still stands at 100%.

This documentary is raw and its beautiful.  The footage was filmed over six months, we went out and spoke directly with the locals of this town; Pinion is for the people of Prescot, it was important for us to get close to them during our time filming.   We approached and spoke to a lot of people over this time and the response was positive.   They gave us so much during their interviews which makes up such a huge part of the documentary – they give the documentary heart

Bear in mind, you walk through the main high street to be greeted by a Pound Bakery, an arcade and a shop that sells old VHS tapes.  Apart from a staple Weatherspoons, there is no other restaurant for the local people to enjoy.


















This being said, Garys’ biggest challenge wasn’t if the locals will enjoy the food, the challenge was getting the locals to try the food at all.  We went out on the high street with the proposed menu and let the locals give their thoughts and opinions on what Gary was proposing…

Over a 6 month period we filmed in Prescot at least once a week, sometimes a full week.  The rapport built between Gary and the locals is captured throughout the documentary; it’s so captivating to watch how humble the people are and how deserving they are of a new restaurant they can be proud of.

The documentary airs on Thursday 19th September at 10pm, did we mention it was Channel 4 and was directed by us?   Channel 4 at 10pm; its actual real behind the scenes shit that happens when opening a new restaurant from scratch.  Blood, sweat and tears went in to this project and is a must view!

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