Shred & Butters
Snowboarding trip with Michael O'Hare
Snowboarding X Michelin Food Documentary


Michael O'Hare

``There is no better place to be on Earth``

Michael O’Hare, The Man Behind The Curtain


Shred & Butters Documentary.
Snowboarding X Michelin food.


Morzine / Avoriaz,


Capture the unique styles of six of the UK’s leading chefs, both on the plate and on the slopes. Headed by Michael O’Hare, a team of the UK’s leading chefs cut extreme shapes during the day and served extreme plates at night for a lucky group of paying customers in Morzine. We were asked to document the inaugural trip, not miss a heartbeat and create a slick documentary that captured the moment and promoted the event for next year.

Shred & Butters - What the chefs said


This wasn’t an ordinary brief, nor was it an ordinary group of chefs. The line-up included Tom Brown, Gareth Ward, Michael Wignall, Gary Usher, Peter Sanchez and Michael O’Hare who ran the show. This was a heavy-hitting list of the nation’s great and good, all of which had a laser-focus on detail and a strong personal perspective on how their food (and boarding) should look.


Our aim was to highlight each individual culinary style, with striking video footage and still shots that showcased the abundance of character and talent on display. Personality is a massive part of cooking; chefs put a little piece of themselves into every dish they create and the same can be said for how they hit the slopes. It was really important for us to get the personality of the trip into our video and nail the consistency between the two parallels of cooking and snowboarding.


Our MD Dan and our head of video, George hit the slopes all day and the kitchen all night, hungry to document absolutely everything. This was a full-on immersive week and the camera didn’t stop rolling. We shot the campaign in black and white, drawing inspiration from old-school snowboarding videos from the 90s. The cherry on the cake was added by Michael O’Hare himself, who chose a prog-rock sound track to overlay on the vid, adding an extra dimension.

Morzine Mountains Photography Natural Selection Design


  • One shit hot promo documentary
  • Auf Wiedersehen Pet parody (Shot for shot identical)
  • 10.1k views in first 2 weeks of launching
  • Next year’s event sold out in record time
  • No broken bones
  • Six happy chefs


This was hands down the dream brief, the only issue was none of the NSD team new how to snowboard. Dedicated to our art (it’s a tough life), we put in hours of time at the snowdome in Manchester learning how to snowboard well enough to capture some of the straight up outrageous stunts the chefs were pulling

“Honestly - what a trip. Filmed some legends, ate our weight in raclette, and learnt to snowboard.``

Dan Burns – Managing Director