A picture is worth a thousand words

We advise on all aspects, from food styling to props. Specialising in food, travel, interior and reportage photography. Your marketing will never have looked so good…

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Food Photography

We.Love.Food. We love it. And it shows in our photography. We’re creative, and treat your carefully crafted dishes like the masterpieces they are. Whether it’s avo on toast, or some Michelin-starred balancing act of insane technique, skill, beauty and taste – our photography showcases it at its absolute best.

thai food photography

Product Photography

We treat product photography with the same care and creativity as we do our food photography. Your product, on a pedestal – We understand that first impressions really count, and ALWAYS sticking to your brand identity.

estrella beer photography

Reportage Photography

‘Eh, mate – what’s that over there?’ SNAP. Gotcha. We take photos when you’re not looking. We’re not talking some scary stalker shit. This is reportage. You might not know it, but when you’re in the zone at the grill, the bar, the pass, whatever – so are we. Capturing you in your natural habitat, and all the energy and focus that go along with it. Check out this project to see what we mean.

Travel Photography

We’re all inspired by something. In the food and drink business, inspiration can come from far-flung places. Amazing, other-wordly places. We travel to any and every corner of the globe to shoot life, culture and colour like you’ve never seen it; Technicolor food markets, the heat, the people, the street food and the gastronomic best of the best. Our photography features in The Guardian, and in the National Geographic – take a look.


Interior Photography

Blood, sweat and tears. We’ve seen it. We’ve filmed it. Renovating, building, reinventing and creating a restaurant space is off the scale. Our photography captures it at every step – we tell its story from start to finish. Check out some of the incredible interiors we’ve shot over the years.

egg photography natural selection design
cocktail-barman photography
emancipation michael ohare photography
goodfood natural selection design photography

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