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Documentary photojournalism in Thailand with The Guardian / Olive Magazine and Thai Leisure Group.


Bangkok, Thailand


Rumours were circulating that Bangkok was banning its legendary street hawkers. We were assembled as part of a crack press team, led by restaurant group Thai Leisure Group, and attended by The Guardian and Olive magazine, that were challenged with capturing the beauty and character of the city’s vibrant street food scene, as well as documenting the rich farming heritage in the country. The two faces of Thailand.



The journey took us to through the winding streets of Bangkok and out to the remote farms that produced the raw ingredients. Our strategy was to capture the spirit of the city and thriving street food scene by documenting the characters and personalities behind the place, rather than the end product itself. We hit the streets for three days straight, and also visited a remote farm to see where the produce was grown. We wanted to capture the contrast between the lightning pace of life in the city and the slow pace of the countryside, so we took our drone to take shots of the country juxtaposing the claustrophobic streets with the expansive paddy fields. On the final day of the trip, off the cuff, we were so inspired by the hawkers we’d seen and the produce we’d picked, that we took over a commercial for the morning and did an impromptu food shoot using props that we’d found in the local bizarre. In the end, the three recipes we made ended up on the menu at TLG.


· We took over 10 thousand photos

· X1 video drone flight around a secret Thai Basil farm 2hrs out of Bangkok

· 1x spontaneous food photo shoot, including styling



· Full page spread in The Guardian with images

· Images used in Olive Magazine travel write up from the trip

· Great sun tan and a full tummy

Felicity Cloake, The Guardian

``Best trip ever``

Felicity Cloake, food and drink writer, The Guardian


I fell in love with Bangkok on this trip and could happily wonder the streets for hours with my camera, documenting the characters on every corner. It’s a vibrant city that is fizzing with energy – it’s infectious. There are no airs and graces to the food, it’s honest, packed full of flavour and engrained in their culture – a privilege to document.

``As a photographer I love exploring new cities and countries but Bangkok draws me back like an addiction. I crave the people, the food, the markets, the buzz. I even miss the smell of fish sauce.``

Dan Burns – Managing Director