Elite Bistro at Home
Restaurant group repositioning
Creatively adapting restaurant group for delivery


Gary Usher Chef

‘All videos, all branding, all photos by the one & fucking only ... The incredible, The outrageously talented... Natural Selection team.'

Gary Usher, Elite Bistro


Evolve ‘Elite Bistros’ creative assets to promote a branded cook at home delivery box.


Home kitchen, Cheshire


Gary Usher, the owner of restaurants group Elite Bistros, was looking at ways in which he could diversify during the Covid-19 pandemic. We had been pushing Gary for some time to look into producing a home delivery box and, in early April, he pulled the trigger on the project and asked us to evolve his brand and create some outrageously delicious branding and assets for his delivery box.

Elite at Home Menu design


We’ve worked with Gary and his team since 2011. We knew the brand inside-out and we had a clear vision and passion for how the boxes should look and feel. The challenge for us was turning around quality creative in a very short space of time. This required full synchronisation between the team and working around the clock. Collectively, we successfully managed to create, edit and deliver quality graphic design assets within just three days. (Yeah, we said three days!)


  • New brand created for Elite at Home
  • Launch video to explain campaign
  • Created nine individual recipe promo videos for the box edited for use across social
  • Created fully branded menu instructions for each dish
  • Full menu photography
  • Managed print run of all materials
  • Advised on packaging
Elite Bistro at Home logo design
Jay Rainer quote about Natural Selections designs

'The delivery comes with a beautifully designed instruction sheet'

Jay Rayner, The Guardian

Elite at Home - Instagram


  • Over 10,000 customers tried to order the box on day one!
  • More than 4,000 successfully completed orders over two months
  • Daily quote sells out within one hour every day
  • Overwhelmingly positive Guardian review about the box (and our design)
  • Nine videos with 10,000 organic view on each


This was something we’d been urging Gary to do before the outbreak of coronavirus. The brand is loved and has real equity, so the unrelenting popularity of the box came as no surprise. This was the epitome of brand evolution and at the very heart of what we’re about. Loved it.

``This was an end to end creative campaign, from branding, design, photography and videography - we did it all!”

Dan Burns – Natural Selection Design