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When done well, video allows you to conjure powerful natural emotions that make people feel a connection with your brand. It’s not the future, it’s the here and now, and we’re mad about it.

NSD Sony FS7mkii

Documentary video

Fly-on-the-wall footage, gritty interviews, real life content – documentaries are a powerful way to get a message across. Pigeon hole them at your peril, documentaries aren’t just for TV, they come in all shapes and sizes and fit a wide range of purposes. We’re equally comfortable shooting for Channel 4 as we are an internal comms video. If you don’t think outside the box, you’ll end up with same result.

Read more about or experience of directing Ch4’s The Rebel Chef


Videography for social media has to be bang-on. That means it has to be slick, quick and super-stylish, but get the message across in just a minute or two. It’s perfect for shouting about new dishes, drinks, places and people.

View some of our videos we produced for the Alchemist

Thai meal

Corporate Video

Not all corporate videos are created equal. Forget dull monochrome videos with the personality of a noisy projector. We bring the essence of companies to life in full technicolour with a video that grabs the viewer and makes them feel.



Stop motion graphics (animated videos) give you an unparalleled freedom to create original video content.  This isn’t Micky Mouse, these videos are powerful tools used to inform, educate and simplify messages. Our animation team will bounce of your ideas and bring your creative to life. It’s not magic, it’s animation.

The Kit

We shoot our videos and documentaries predominantly on the Sony FS7mkii, but have multiple cameras at our disposal to make sure that we have the right kit for the job. Sometimes a handheld Sony DSLR is needed so we can get in tight to guarantee we get the shot, other times we pull out all the stops and bring in the big camera. We bespoke the kit to the job.

NSD Kit pic

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