Full 360* campaign
for an incredible hotel brand
From rubble to rockstar – building a brand from the ground up.



A full 360* creative project for Grantley Hall, a seriously impressive luxury development.



Ripon, Yorkshire


To provide Grantley Hall and it’s Michelin restaurant offering with full creative support – from charting the incredible restoration, build and transformation of the stately home and its grounds, to creating branding for all their new restaurants, bars, luxury accommodation and leisure facilities. Post-launch, and we’re working on videography, brand bibles and other exciting projects with this ambitious, exciting and unforgettable project.

Grantley Hall Branding stamp


In 2017, Grantley Hall’s team approached us to chart the development of its site from rubble to the total, utter luxury venue it is today. They knew we had form (check out our work with Wreckfish) and Grantley Hall wanted to spark public interest at an early stage.


So – how do you get people excited about an empty building, with peeling wallpaper, no stairs, no lights, no buzz? You get creative.


We decided to take the viewer on a cinematic tour through the derelict, but magnificent, hall. To show them the ‘now’, plus a taste of what’s to come.


Our first video contrasted the tatty splendour of the abandoned hall, with its bare floorboards, stripped walls and dull lighting, with the vision of the Grantley Hall to come. Destined to be a luxury venue for weddings, dining, entertaining and leisure, our creative approach was to bring the two worlds together.


A dapper groom, and stunning bride feature in our video, alongside builders in hardhats, and 80ft cranes. Afternoon tea amidst the rubble, with the odd pinky raised, captured the personality of the Grantley Hall brand – high-end luxury, but zero stuffiness. It has wit and charm – and it was important that came across in our creative.


It was a success, and we’ve loved working with the family and team at Grantley Hall since then.

Grantley Hall Elite Gym
Grantley Hall - Gin


Now, we oversee and produce nearly all of Grantley Hall’s creative outputs across the whole business. Here’s a small taster of the activity to date:


  • Branding of eight businesses
  • Brochures
  • Photography
  • Videos
  • In-room materials
  • Gin bottles
  • Menus
  • Animations
  • Tone of voice and brand documents


At one point or another the entire Natural Selection team has worked with Grantley Hall in curating the outputs used across its services.


We can’t emphasise enough just how incredible this place is – it’s been a privilege watching it develop, and being part of its creation. It’s been a diverse project for our team to work on, and it’s not stopping yet!


Grantley Hall Logo Crest Branding

``Well done Dan and team, really impressed with your approach AGAIN``

Richard Skyes, Owner Grantley Hall

Grantley Hall Brochure Design
Grantley Hall Wedding
Grantley Hall Elite Brochure Design

``Grantley Hall - Heaven up North in God’s own country house - this place really is special``

Dan Burns – Managing Director