Sticky Paws
In the Flavour Forest
Planting the seeds for the forest, and watching it grow.


Jonathan Fell owner Sticky Paws

``I am really happy everything and I looking forward to progressing the brand with NSD``

Jonathan Fell, Managing Director


A full 360* creative project for Sticky Paws in the Flavour Forest, the sister company of The Ice Cream Farm.


Northwich, Cheshire




Sticky Paws in the Flavour Forest, a sister company of The Ice Cream Farm, wanted to establish itself as the market leading dine and play experience that both children and grownups can enjoy together. They asked us to create two brands – Sticky Paws the dining experience; and The Flavour Forest, the play experience – that would be able to sit together, as well as stand alone. We were also tasked with developing a suite of creative assets, from interior and exterior design, to menus, photography and videography.


This was a full 360 design project that started from the bottom up. We had a blank slate to cultivate and shape the complementary brands. After interrogating as much information as possible out of the team, we had the building blocks to get started. We (literally) started at the drawing board, where pretty much everything for the branding was crafted by hand. Along with the logos, we created a bank of hand-drawn graphics that we used throughout the physical and digital outputs.


As the brands had to fit equally snug together, as alone, we ensured that the colours, graphics and fonts were complementary. Once we’d created the brand and tone of voice, we rolled out the look and feel across a range of different marketing collateral.


As soon as it opened its doors to The Forest, we entered the new habitat and used photography and videography to capture the full experience. This was a fully immersive shoot, jumping from shooting dishes at the pass to clambering out of the ball pit.


  • Created two new brands
  • New menus (digital app and print)
  • Website design
  • New interior and exterior signage
  • Full suite of photography
  • Vibe videography of the experience
  • Promotional poster campaign


This was something a little different for the NSD team. We relish the opportunity to build a brand from the bottom up and the blank canvas and clear brief given to us provided crystal clear clarity on what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to do it. A pleasure to work on.

``It's amazing to see how the brand has been created, executed to my drawings on a 50ft wall!``

Oli Morgan – Design Monkey