More than just a barbecue
Big Green Egg



Big Green Egg


Winchester, UK



August 2021


Creating video and capture images for the ‘Low & Slow’ campaign.


When it comes to cooking over fire, Big Green Egg are THE business. You will see their unmistakable silhouette in almost every top restaurant kitchen up and down the land and all you will have seen all the best chefs using them on TV shows such as Great British Menu and Masterchef.


BGE asked us to help them to showcase the versatility of their products over and above BBQing and capture some images and footage to launch their ‘Low & Slow’ campaign.


I think if we were all honest, were it not for the uncertainty of the British weather, we would be BBQing everyday. The primeval smell and sound of things being cooked over fire speaks to me; it feels right.


Big Green Eggs themselves are a hybrid of Japanese and American engineering combining some very jazzy ceramic technology (which was used on space shuttles to protect against extreme heat during missions, VERY cool) It is this technology that makes BGE so reliable and easy to use because heat is so evenly distributed and easy to control making the Egg so much more than just a BBQ; it is essentially a charcoal oven.


You were great on the shoot. Easy to get on with, got stuck in, professional throughout - thank you!

Hatty Cary, Marketing Manager, Big Green Egg UK


The dishes prepared on the two day shoot by the development chef were big, strong, gutsy, full on flavour bombs from all over the world which really showed how adaptable the Eggs really are. We got proper cowboy classics such as slow cooked ribs, brisket and beans as well as some European classics like Cassoulet, Ratatouille and the most amazing Moroccan Lamb Shank which is game changing.


Dan and James from the NSD team spent two days at BGE HQ which is in the middle of the Dorset countryside. We mostly filmed in their amazing purpose built ‘outdoor’ studio which was massive and had a variety of styled zones from a beach scene to a contemporary garden set all full of natural light – it was the dream set really.


This was such a great shoot to be a part of, it was such fun and really opened my eyes to what can be done using one of these incredible pieces of gear and it is at the tip top of my wish list.

``These guys are at the top of the game, NASA grade tech that matches the quality of the product - on every team member's summer shopping list.``

Dan Burns, Director